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Teeth Whitening: 5 things you should know

Teeth Whitening: 5 things you should know

by | Mar 6, 2016 | Blog

There’s nothing quite like a bright, white smile to leave you feeling like a million dollars. But even when your teeth are healthy and your dental regime is as good as it can be, there are factors—including your genes—that can dull the brightness of your teeth and cause staining.

While there are quite a few over the counter teeth whitening products on the market, most reputable dentists won’t recommend that you whiten your teeth yourself because of the risk of damage if the treatment is unsuitable for you.

A much safer option to combat the lifestyle and genetic factors affecting the appearance of your teeth is a professional teeth whitening treatment at your dentist.

It’s suitable for many people

While it’s important to remember that the results of any teeth whitening treatment will vary between individuals, most good products are suitable for a broad range of people. It’s also important to consult with a reputable dentist before you commence any whitening treatment, because they will be able to tell you whether there’s any reason you shouldn’t have it—and what results you can expect—but most people are able to have their teeth whitened without problems.

Teeth whitening procedures remove stains and discolouration from the enamel of your teeth and lighten the pigmentation within them.

It’s a suitable treatment for many causes of discolouration, including lifestyle factors like drinking coffee, and genetic factors that cause yellowing.

While there are many factors that can affect the outcome of teeth whitening procedures, most people enjoy a good result from their procedure.

It only takes a few treatments

Some people report significant improvement in the colour of their teeth after only one teeth whitening treatment. Each person is different, and the results of any treatment will vary between individuals because of their unique circumstances, but most people who undergo whitening procedures with their dentist will notice improvement in their smile after every treatment.

There are a many different whitening treatments available, which can involve a combination of treatments in the chair with your dentist, and treatments that your dental team will send home with you to use yourself.

Whichever plan your dentist formulates for you, you’ll most likely only need a few treatments to achieve a good result, and you won’t need to spend a great deal of time on each treatment.

 It can last a long time

If you follow the guidelines set by your dentist, you should be able to maintain a bright, white smile for a long time after your whitening treatment. You will likely need to repeat your whitening treatment at some point in the future, but avoiding certain food groups or lifestyle habits following your procedure can go a long way towards preventing stains from building up on your teeth again.

Teeth whitening treatments are very effective today, and about half of patients report that their good results can last up to a decade.

There are some groups of patients that will see discolouration return within a few years, but this is often the result of poor aftercare.

Many patients choose to undergo top-up treatments at home to maintain their teeth whiteness. This can significantly increase the time between professional treatments, as well as reduce the time taken to complete a treatment.

Your dentist will recommend the right products and procedures for you, but you can usually expect to see good results that will last quite a few years.

It’s not too expensive

Teeth whitening has become easier over the years, and as a result, it’s much less expensive than it used to be. Just a few years ago, you would have paid several thousand dollars for professional teeth whitening—but you’ll only pay a fraction of that now.

Because teeth whitening treatments are so widely available today, many dentists are now experienced in the procedures, and they’re able to provide at least one type of treatment or product.

It’s important to choose a reputable dentist who’s qualified to assess your teeth properly and determine which treatments are suitable for you, but you’ll likely find that most good treatments are within your budget.

It’s influenced by your lifestyle

Factors like smoking, not maintaining good dental hygiene, or drinking coffee, soft drink, and alcohol can affect both the result of your whitening treatment and how long those results will last.

Your dentist will recommend foods and drinks to avoid after your whitening treatment, as well as a suitable regime for cleaning and treating your teeth to protect both their whiteness and health. Sticking to the routine provided by a good dentist will greatly improve your chances of enjoying your bright new smile for a long time.

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