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Crowns (dental caps-tooth caps)

When a tooth needs more than just a filling, the team at Proactive Dental are here to help. Sometimes teeth which are very decayed, cracked, or have previously had very large fillings, are at risk of fracture; and a simple filling won’t do the job. These teeth often will require additional protection to ensure their long-term survival, and this can be provided in the form of a dental crown. Dental crowns are full-coverage restorations, made using ceramic materials, precious metals (e.g. gold), or sometimes a combination of both.

The dentists at Proactive dental work closely with skilled technicians and Australian-based laboratories to provide high-quality dental crowns for our patients. Proactive dental is also one of the few clinics in the Burpengary-Morayfield area that offer same-day crowns. We use a world-class Cerec technology that can have you returning home with a brand-new custom crown within a few hours, no more waiting several weeks! Click here to read more about our Cerec technology.

The traditional crown process involves our dentists preparing your tooth to the specific size required, before taking impressions or digital scans to send to the laboratory for fabrication of the crown. A temporary crown is placed between visits before the final crown is cemented. For front teeth where the colour and appearance of the tooth is vital, an additional colour-matching process at the lab will ensure the crown blends right into your natural smile.

The materials and techniques we use at Proactive Dental are of the highest standard to ensure optimum comfort, aesthetics, durability, and quality for our patients. As our dentists will discuss with you, a high-quality crown that is properly maintained and cared for, can last for many years.

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