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Anxious Patients

Anxious Patients

Fear or anxiety related to dental appointments and treatment can be one of the main reasons that people avoid seeing the dentist. Dental anxiety and phobia can be triggered by many different aspects of the dental visit (such as the cost of treatment, injections or needles, and sound or feel of the dental instruments) and often leads to avoidance or delay of essential dental treatment.

At Proactive Dental, our dentists understand the impact of dental anxiety on long-term dental outcomes and are all dedicated to providing quality care in a safe and caring environment. The gentle approach and techniques used by our dentists ensures that most of our patients can have their treatment completed safely and comfortably in the dental chair without further measures. However, we also understand that in some cases a patient’s dental anxiety can be more significant, and so we also offer treatment under nitrous sedation (happy gas).

Commonly known as happy or laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of sedation where our patients are able to remain conscious, relaxed and in control during the course of the treatment. The use of nitrous sedation, delivered safely by our trained dentists, reduces the feeling of anxiety, pain, and any gag reflexes, to allows our patients to complete their dental treatment comfortably and efficiently.

Nitrous sedation has been used in the dental field for many years and is a safe technique, suitable for all ages, with a quick onset and recovery period after use. It does not require fasting or escorts like other forms of sedation, and has a lower risk compared to general anaesthetics. . There are a few cases where nitrous oxide sedation may not be suitable; our friendly dentists will be able to provide further information and alternative options.

Proactive Dental is a judgement-free welcoming environment where our team is dedicated to ensuring we provide treatment in a way that suits you. If you have been putting off your dental treatment, then please ring us on 0754 331 569. so that we can help get your dental health back on track.

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