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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that has many associated myths or misleading information circulating in the media. Despite what many online forums may say, root canal treatments, when done by experienced professionals such as those from Proactive Dental, are an effective and safe way of preserving teeth that would otherwise require removal.

When dental decay has infected the nerve of a tooth, and can no longer be simply fixed with a filling, infection and pain will occur if the tooth is not properly treated. If an infected tooth is left, this can cause spread of the infection to other areas of your body and significant medical complications. One way to treat this is by removing the tooth itself, however this comes with its own complications; such as unsightly gaps, issues with chewing, and trouble cleaning the neighbouring teeth which can result in a higher risk of decay.
A root canal treatment prevents pain and spread of infection, while also allowing the infected tooth to be retained. This is achieved by meticulous cleaning and disinfection of the inside canals of the tooth before sealing them off to prevent future bacterial infection.

The dentists at Proactive Dental are all professionally-trained and experienced in providing root canal treatment, and have successfully treated many patients in the Burpengary and Morayfield communities. The procedure can be comfortably performed in the chair with local anaesthetic and the long-term results are good providing the correct maintenance and care. If you have a toothache and are in the Burpengary or surrounding areas, contact the team at Proactive Dental to discuss your options.

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