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Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth or are looking for a way to refresh and brighten your smile before a big event, then professional whitening may be just the thing for you!

Cosmetic whitening or bleaching is a safe, and effective procedure designed to remove stains and discolouration, as well as lighten the pigmentation within the teeth. The level of whiteness that can be achieved will depend on the level of discolouration of the teeth and how they came to be stained. Results vary from individual to individual, and your dentist will be happy to discuss the best option for you.

After a consultation with our dentists who will cover the expected results and timeframe, impressions or moulds of your teeth will be taken to create your own take-home whitening kit. These moulds are used to create custom whitening trays that are made to fit your teeth precisely and ensure even distribution of the whitening gel we provide you. Our dentists will advise the appropriate time and concentration required, as well as a comprehensive list of instructions for you to undertake your whitening in the comfort of your own home, at your leisure. Professional whitening is used by many of our staff and patients as a safe and easy way to brighten up a smile and turn heads at your next special occasion.

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