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Dental Care for Children

Dental Care for Children

At Proactive dental, we encourage patients of all ages to come in for their routine dental treatment, including the little ones! A child’s first visit to the dentist can often be quite intimidating, and we understand the impact that early experiences have on their future approach to dental visits and shaping their lifelong dental habits.

Our team is dedicated to making your child’s first visit a warm and welcoming experience, and to help dispel any anxieties or fears they may have regarding dental visits. From the Pacman machine in the front office (which is often a hit with some of the adults too), to the TV’s mounted above our dental chairs, we do our best to ensure a relaxed and comfortable environment for your child’s dental treatment. Our dentists are also trained and certified to provide care with happy gas (nitrous oxide) if required, to ensure your child’s treatment is completed safely, effectively, and comfortably.

A child’s first visit to Proactive dental allows them to familiarise themselves with the dental environment, as well as getting to know our friendly staff on a personal level. Early dental visits also allow us to work with both parents and children to establish good dental habits at home, as well as foster regular dental attendance and a high level of oral health in the future.

Dental treatment provided at Proactive Dental can also be bulk-billed under the government’s Child Dental Benefits Scheme – read more here.

To book an appointment for your child or family, please ring us on 0754 331 569. We would be happy to see your child for their first appointment, or for any ongoing care.

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