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Preventative Care

Preventative Care

At Proactive dental, we are firm believers in prevention being better than the cure. Reducing and preventing the occurrence of dental diseases in our patients, and hence the need for further treatment in the future, is a main goal of ours.

During our appointments we thoroughly screen for all types of dental disease, assessing your individual risk so that we can design a preventative management plan tailored to your needs. Our dentists are passionate about providing comprehensive and personalised advice, including thorough oral hygiene education and instruction, dietary direction, and further information on remineralising products or preventative treatments which may be appropriate for you.

The team at Proactive Dental are committed to a preventative approach that includes regular examinations to ensure that we identify any concerns early on, therefore preventing the spread of dental disease. Early detection allows us to be more minimally invasive with our management, preventing the need for further treatments in future that can be more complex and costly. Our approachable front desk staff streamline this process by organising 6-monthly reminders and recalls that suit you, to ensure that you don’t miss your next check-up and professional clean.

If you or your family are seeking personalised and preventative dental care, please feel free to contact our friendly staff who can arrange appointments for you with our dedicated dentists.

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