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Cerec Restorations

Cerec Restorations

The team at Proactive Dental prides itself on providing care to the Burpengary, Caboolture and Morayfield communities with the latest cutting-edge technology, including Cerec restorations. Cerec restorations are a type of tooth-coloured ceramic material that can be used for dental onlays, inlays, and crowns. This ground-breaking new technology allows restorations to be placed in single visits, as opposed to the conventional method which requires multiple appointments, temporisation with a less aesthetic and durable material, and a lab turnaround that usually takes weeks. After the dentist prepares the teeth, a 3D digital scan of your mouth is taken using the Cerec unit (no more messy impression material). This scan is sent to the in-house milling unit which then fabricates your crown, ready for same-day placement in the mouth!

Our Cerec technology is a great choice for many different clinical cases, particularly as an alternative to large cavities or old fillings that need replacement. The high strength, durability, and aesthetic properties of the Cerec materials allows us to be more conservative with our management and strengthen weakened or at-risk teeth.

The streamlined Cerec process allows for a number of advantages, including:

  • Strong, long-lasting, tooth-coloured restorations with great aesthetics, simulating natural teeth
  • Fewer visits and shortened time in the dental chair, fewer numbing injections, and time saved not having to temporise and re-prepare the tooth
  • No more uncomfortable impressions with conventional materials, and no need for temporary restorations that can be difficult to adapt and less durable
  • Computer-based designing technology that allows precise adjustment and fine-tuning of the final restoration before milling to ensure a comfortable and well-fitting result

Cerec technology has been constantly improving for many years, with thousands of clinical trials and research proving its success in clinical practice. Our dentists are all well-trained and experienced with its use and would love to discuss how Cerec may be the right choice for you. Feel free to contact us to arrange a consult on  0754 331 569.

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